Hi. I am Kate. Here are some things about me:  I am a knitter. I am a nerd. I spent my whole life in Oregon until recently, when I moved to southern California. I am adopted. I have depression. I use a lot of parentheses (because I love them). My favorite punctuation mark is the semi-colon; it links independent, but related clauses into a single glorious sentence. I like a lot of things. Other things I don’t like at all.

As for the blog, it’s going to be a little of whatever I am thinking about. Life crap. At least some level of angst. Feminism. Thoughts on living with a mental illness. Some critical discussions of tv shows and other media, because I enjoy that. Some less critical discussions of same, because I also enjoy that. And probably updates on my knitting and cooking. I have come up with a couple of my own knitting patterns which I will probably share with you.

These are just examples. I may post all manner of things, or not.

Why does it say [TW] at the top of some posts?[TW] stands for “Trigger Warning.” It is a warning to you, the reader, that the post that follows contains something that I think is likely to cause some people significant distress. It is provided as a courtesy so you can choose to skip the post if you are not sure you’re up for that particular topic. The specific topics I am warning for will always be listed in the warning itself. Some people with certain mental issues (most notably Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) find that encountering descriptions of situations similar to their own traumatic experiences without warning can trigger anxiety attacks and/or flashbacks. I try to warn against things that are likely to be commonly experienced triggers as a courtesy, but I cannot claim to have perfect knowledge of every trigger experienced by everyone.

The header image is a photograph I took on an Amtrak Coast Starlight train somewhere in southern Oregon. Please don’t borrow or use the image without permission.


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