I cannot bring myself to care even the tiniest bit about the Hobbit movie. 

People are really excited about this movie? I am given to understand? Meanwhile my entire reaction is: “Another four hours of looking at New Zealand from a helicopter? NO THANKS!”

The appeal of this movie. I am not seeing it.

I think I am more and more out of step with the rest of the movie watching public, even other geeks. I thought The Avengers was ok but pretty far from perfect, when the geeky consensus appeared to be that it was literally a perfect movie. I didn’t think Prometheus was a complete waste of time; I actually liked it (although yes, the script was a mess and it made no sense). And the prospect of a Peter Jackson Hobbit extravaganza, somehow padded out into three bloated films makes me sleepy, bored, and slightly irritated when it appears I should be peeing my pants with joy.


Les Miserables might be ok.