So I haven’t had a chance to post of late, between finishing up fall term and starting my new job (yes! I got a job! Maybe someday I’ll tell you all about it!). And I don’t think this post is going to be long. But a couple of links for you:

The first same sex couple to receive a marriage license in King County, Washington this morning. Look at those smiles! Those ladies are so happy! I almost can’t look at the photos because I think I might cry. They’ve been together for 35 years. Congratulations, ladies. I wish you so much joy!

“In a unanimous ruling Wednesday, the Supreme Court of Mexico has paved the way for same-sex couples to marry in every one of the country’s 31 states…”

And what do you know, but yesterday Colombia’s marriage equality bill passed the first of four votes required for it to become law.

Love is winning. The haters can throw all the tantrums about it that they like, but love is winning. Love is going to win this one. We’re going to win this one. Marriage for everybody who wants marriage. It’s on the way. It’s not here yet. It’s going to take a while. But love is going to win.

Love wins. That’s something worth celebrating.

Seriously. Look at their faces. Love wins.