Yes, we survived our wedding, and everything worked out in the end. The day before was terrible! Just terrible! And the first half of the wedding day was not too great either. But then suddenly we were married and my nephew was teaching me a fabulous kung-fu dance that he invented himself and food was no longer sticking in my throat and life was fine again. We had an amazing time. Tomorrow (our one week anniversary!) we are off to Mexico for our honeymoon. It’s going to be amazing. I am remarkably happy. And a week ago I wondered if I would ever feel happy ever again.

But the best thing is knowing we never have to do this again. I still don’t know if it was ultimately worth the amount of misery I went through for it, and I’m not sure I could claim it was the “happiest day of my life,” but it was a good day, and I have been gloriously happy ever since (well, towards the end of our road trip to get back home to SoCal I got pretty cranky, but other than that).

And maybe now I can find something else to blog about already.