Well, tomorrow we are heading off on a road trip to my hometown back in Oregon, and before we come back to this apartment, we’ll be married. The wedding itself is about a month away. I’ve spent most of today frantically cleaning the kitchen and trying to pack my stuff. I also managed to finish off the little knitted dachshund I’ve been working on over the last ten days as a gift for a new baby nephew who is due in the next couple of weeks.

It’s been kind of a whirlwind. I’m still kind of bummed that I’m not more excited, but it’s not like you can help how you feel. Plus… family issues have a way of cropping up and throwing things out of whack. It’s more Fiance’s family than mine, I think, but it’s still tough to handle (In some ways much tougher, as I haven’t really learned how to draw boundaries with Fiance’s family the way I can with mine… and even if I did draw boundaries, “respecting boundaries” is not an area they are super strong in). But whatever happens, the important thing, which we can’t really lose sight of (or risk losing our minds), is that we’re getting married. All the rest of this is pretty much window dressing. We’re getting married, and that’s fantastic.

It’s not much of a  blog post, but that’s basically where I’m at right now. Going to be a few days before I have a chance to get online again.