Specifically, that if you run frozen bananas through your food processor, you end up with a reasonable facsimile of ice cream that is cold and sweet and very tasty, all while being reasonably healthy, since there’s no extra sugar or fat. Because it’s literally just bananas.

Ok I added a spoonful of hazelnut-cocoa butter (aka Nutella) to mine, and apparently you can add all kinds of other things as well. But still! Pretty healthy compared to actual ice cream!

This is one reason I love the internet age: a friend posted to facebook about trying “homemade vegan banana ice cream,” I said “That sounds good! I have bananas!” So I looked it up! And within a few hours I was eating a delicious treat! Look it up yourself! There are a bunch of different sites that discuss the best methods for doing it. I recommend doing what I did, by which I mean reading a bunch of different blogs and then doing some combination that feels right to you.

But since I HAVE been such a crappy blogger, and since I made a “food” category and haven’t ever made a food post, here’s the record of my first attempt at banana ice cream:

I used two bananas. This is one of them.

So it sounds like the riper, the better, for banana ice cream, which is kind of great if, like me, you tend to buy bananas and watch them slowly go bad on the counter. If they start looking pretty brown, just freeze those suckers and use them for ice cream! Mine were still pretty yellow, but the ice cream turned out good. My research indicates that the riper the banana, the stronger the banana flavor. Mine had a pretty mild, but noticeable, banana taste.

Chop the bananas up and toss them in the freezer! And it’s usually wise when freezing fruit (or anything) to keep them in a single layer until they’re fully frozen so they don’t clump together. Most of you already know that, but hey! Maybe some of you don’t! But since these bananas are going to get blended together anyway, it’s probably not that big a deal.

Banana slices in a plastic bag, ready for freezing.

Wait for bananas to freeze! I didn’t time mine, but I only had them in there a few hours. I gave them a poke and they seemed pretty solid so since I was impatient (and it is hotter than hell in the IE right now), I pulled them out and tossed them in the food processor.

Then I just ran the food processor. At first bits of banana got all jammed up in the lid, but I am used to that happening. Had to take the lid off and scrape the banana out. Kind of annoying but whatever. It didn’t take too long.

I was a little worried for a while because the stuff started kind of clumping up all on one side of the bowl, and the blade was just kind of whirling around uselessly underneath it. But I just poked at the stuff with my spatula, spreading it out a little more, and eventually, almost like magic… It just kind of happened. It became a creamy delight that looked like this:

I know it’s really dark. I suck. Also I added the Nutella in there at some point so it’s a bit browner than a pure banana mixture would be.

I put one big spoonful of hazelnut-cocoa butter in, which may have helped smooth the consistency out a tiny bit. It was just enough to add a slightly chocolatey, slightly nutty flavor, without being overwhelmingly sweet. And it made it the exact color of a Frosty from Wendy’s, which for me was one of the rarest and specialist of childhood treats, so that was a nice bonus too.

Then we ate it. And it was delicious. The only real problem is that it seems to melt really fast, so I couldn’t be wasting time trying to make it look pretty in a bowl to take a picture for you, I had to wolf it down before it turned to goo. I think you could also re-freeze it, but the blogs seem to be mixed on whether that’s a good idea, and we ate all of ours so I can’t report my own findings. Go try for yourselves and let me know what you discover. I’m going to go buy more bananas as soon as I can get to the store!