As I may have mentioned once or twice, I am getting married soon, and there is some wedding planning going on (but mostly not by me). I hope you are ready to hear me complain about something I don’t understand and think seems unnecessary and pointless! Today: wedding programs.

Why? Why we need this? I expressed my lack of understanding to my mother, the mastermind of this whole wedding thing, and she responded “A program lets the guests know what’s going on.”

Okaaaaaaaay… So they don’t know that they’ve come to a wedding? The invitation is pretty clear that it’s a wedding. And “what’s going on” is the same as what goes on at every other wedding: some people walk in slowly, another person says some stuff, words are repeated, kiss, walk back out. At what point in this process does someone become so confused about where they are and what is happening that they need a written guide?

I don’t get any of this. But whatever (I say that a loooooot when it comes to wedding planning… “I don’t get this, but whatever.”).