I had a good day today! Exhausting, but good. Do other people find that they get really worked up about things that turn out to be, actually, no big deal? That is me! I don’t know when this started, but I really get freaked out about doing something I’ve never done before. I like to know what’s going to happen, more or less. But as I told my fiance on the way to Burbank today, indulging that is how people turn into shut-ins, and since I’m well on my way there as it is, I occasionally do have to make an effort and go do something new.

So today I went to Burbank and registered with Central Casting, the oldest background casting company in the movie industry (Founded in 1925, that is legit as fuck). I actually made the appointment to do this months ago, back at the beginning of February, when May was the earliest appointment available! It turns out I didn’t strictly need the appointment; people just show up and line up outside the door. But having the appointment meant I was guaranteed a spot and I was one of the first people in the door, which meant I got to wait for it to start in a comfy chair inside, instead of waiting outside in the hot sun. Score! But I’m getting ahead of myself!

I was kind of wigging out. Not as much as I would be if it were a genuine audition, obviously, or a job interview of a normal sort, but just in the “going someplace I’ve never been and doing something I’ve never done” way. I don’t know if this is a normal function of getting old and cranky, or if it is specific to people with anxiety disorders, but it sure is an annoying feature of my brain that I don’t think has always been there. Then, naturally, googlemaps gave us slightly incorrect directions and there may have been some crying and/or swearing. But we got there, hooray! Fiance dropped me off and wandered off to kill time at the mall. I waited in the hot sun for about twenty minutes until they let me in, after which I waited in the much cooler indoors. Yay! Make appointments for things; they are great.

Then it was just orientation, filling out paperwork, and getting a picture taken. Easy peasy. And the best thing about the orientation is that they totally walked us through every step of how to call in for work. Which is excellent because now I don’t have to have that “I don’t know what to expect” anxiety. Until I actually manage to book a job and have to find my terrified way to set, that is. HA HA! But let’s not think about that for now; instead let’s celebrate our success!

Since I finished up around 5pm, we made the reasonable decision not to get on the freeway to go home. Because 5pm, LA freeway. Why would we do that to ourselves? Other than the time we got trapped in Hollywood on the hottest day ever recorded and decided that sitting in traffic was a better choice because the car has air conditioning. But this time it was not 104F, so we opted instead to hang out in Burbank for a bit. I got a sandwich (which I badly needed! I tried to eat before I went but I have a lot of trouble getting food down in the first hour or two after I wake up), and then we went to a bookstore that had all the same “acquired from a closed down Borders” fixtures as the store where I used to work back in Oregon, and even had the whole front window full of calenders. Very nostalgic! However the merchandise and organization left something to be desired. Tragic. And then at the mall I found an amazing Sailor Moon tshirt which delights me.

Around 7, we headed home and traffic was no problem. So it was a good day. It just goes to show me that stepping outside of my comfortable shut-in lifestyle is a good thing and I should do it more often.