You guys know cake pops? Little balls of cake on sticks, right? They’ve become ubiquitous over the last year or so? And everybody seems to love them, except me. I loathe them, and I couldn’t even tell you why. It’s a totally irrational hatred. I find them vaguely disgusting. And I just realized: this is true of most foods on sticks. The only exceptions I can think of are popsicles, which are the bomb. But everything else on a stick disgusts me: I never tried a corndog in my life until quite recently, when Fiance wanted to try the Morningstar vegetarian corndogs. We ended up buying the mini version, which have no sticks, and it turns out I love them.

It’s kind of amazing that I could live for 29 years being disgusted by food on sticks and never even realize it. It’s also kind of perplexing because I love a carnival, and carnival food often comes on a stick.

Gross. (via Holy Taco)

 Why do I feel this way? How does something delicious (cake) become disgusting and wrong when placed on a stick? Why should that be?

Also, definitely click on the Holy Taco link above if you’ve ever wanted to see what I think is a disembodied vagina made of chocolate and mounted on a stick. I’d love to deconstruct that horrific image but I’m too busy throwing up.