Twin Peaks, you guys.

My fiance and I are watching this 1990 series on Netflix Instant. We are halfway through the second (and final) season. And I love it!

I had been wanting to watch Twin Peaks for a number of years. I am really glad that I waited until after I moved in with Fiance, though, because Twin Peaks is freaky as hell. Ok, I knew it would be freaky; I have seen a few of David Lynch’s movies. But if I had tried to watch it by myself? Forget it. I would have gotten as far as Cooper’s first dream with Michael J. Anderson and that would have been the end of it.

Ok so: Agent Cooper is the best. I love him. I am also pretty sure he is the Mayor from Portlandia. I mean come on! Not only are they both played by Kyle MacLachlan, they both have unbridled enthusiasm for absolutely everything they encounter. Think about it. On a side note, I also love the Mayor. I thought I would hate Portlandia but I actually enjoy it quite a lot.

Which is beside the point! The point is: Twin Peaks is freaky as balls and I love it a million. I hope to have much more useful things to say about it after I finish. We have eleven episodes to go!